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Ryoxan, Knight of Darkness by Guardian-Ryona Ryoxan, Knight of Darkness by Guardian-Ryona
After more than a year here on DeviantART, the terror of the deepest darkness has made his debut. The Supreme Knight of Darkness, the Anti-Soul of the Guardian of Wisdom...Ryoxan.

How is it that he came to be? It was the darkness of all humanity, shaped into the form of the black dark side of Ryona's heart. The final touch to Ryoxan's completion was Ryona's motivation for revenge. His father, Ken Karuzina, supposedly died in an accident at sea while hunting down a local terrorist; Ryona was 13 when it happened.

Ryoxan is the leader of a group of eleven powerful Anti-Souls, himself included, called "The Knights of Darkness". He is the ultimate Anti-Soul, having command over the lesser Dark Souls and Anti-Souls that form his countless Armies of Darkness. The Knights of Darkness are complete polar opposites of the Guardians, Anti-Souls formed by each of the Guardian's after they took the Guardian's Oath and abolished much of the darkness from their heart. Only one of the Guardians failed to produce an Anti-Soul, which explains why the group numbers are offset by 1.

Ryoxan holds power over an ancient relic called the Jichoten-no-Hari, or the "Crystal of Ten Vices", or known as the "Vice Delta Crystal". It's said to have been formed by an ancient demon of Hell through the rejected darkness of the Three Priestesses that created the "Crystal of Three Virtues". The Vice Delta Crystal points upside-down, representing the descent into chaos and dispare, and is composed of ten black crystals that represent the 10 greatest vices of the human heart. The crystal's structure is the center of the Dark Knights' insignia, as shown on Ryoxan's belt. Ryoxan hold's the base power of the Vice Delta Crystal, and is able to increase his power by combining it with any of the other Knights via fusion.

Ryoxan is very manipulative, and can easily draw a wavering heart under his control. As you can see, the jewel he's holding represents a corrupted heart. Should anyone try to defy him, he can inflict devastating, but not lethal, pain, further corrupting the heart of his victim.

Beware of his power...he's coming...for your heart.

Ryoxan & Art (c) :iconguardian-ryona:
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takashiyau Featured By Owner Sep 27, 2010
So here is Ryoxan mmmmmmmh I can do your request now but it won't be like the "Vaan vs Nael" scene i drew, sorry. ^^'
Guardian-Ryona Featured By Owner Sep 28, 2010
It's okay. ^^
Wolfgerlion Featured By Owner Sep 25, 2010  Student Digital Artist
i can add more detail
Guardian-Ryona Featured By Owner Sep 25, 2010
? How? This is just a basic form that I've had in mind. Kinda modeled the clothes after the Organization XIII cloaks. It gets more complicated when he powers up.
Wolfgerlion Featured By Owner Sep 25, 2010  Student Digital Artist
more design on the cloak
Guardian-Ryona Featured By Owner Sep 25, 2010
I see...however...I intended it to be simple, but with a dark mood to it.
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