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Drifting over an uncharted world, the Guardians waited on the Guardian Angel as the computer analyzed the world below. Ryona sat in his seat, looking through the massive window at the new world before them.
'Hopefully,' he thought. 'Hopefully this world has not been struck by the wrath of the Knights of Darkness.'
Ryona worried as he pondered on that thought, for some of the uncharted worlds before this one were already under the beginnings of a dark influence. As he finished thinking, the Guardian Angel's Central Processing Unit had completed its examination of the planet. His younger sister, Diana, who was the Guardian of Hope, read the results.
"It appears this world is in the modern times," said Diana. "It looks like a metropolis of some kind."
"Alright then," said Ryona. "Half of us will go down and scout out the area. Numbers Two through Five and Number Twelve are with me."
As he got up, five other people, including Diana, got up and went with him out of the room. Two had clothing appearances that appear from the Warring-States Era of Japan, long hair, and wielding dog-like attributes; they were Sesshomaru and InuYasha, the Guardians of Power and Courage respectively. One had blue-purple hair, rings around his eyes, and had a large gourd on his back; he was Shukaku, the Guardian of Spirit and an adopted brother of Ryona and Diana. The last one had long, red-orange hair, and bore a whip on his belt; he was Kyūbi, the Guardian of Compassion and another adopted brother of Ryona and Diana.
"What are we gonna' do when we get to the ground though," asked InuYasha. "People are going to see us as weird in these clothes."
"The ship's CPU will generate proper clothes for you four before we're teleported down to the ground," replied Ryona as they made it to a large chamber. "Remember though: since we do not know who or what lives on this world –"
"'Do not take any risky action against a potential ally,' right?" Shukaku interrupted.
"Is that from experience," InuYasha asked, teasingly.
"Oh shut it, dog boy," replied Shukaku.
'Sometimes I wonder how and why I manage to put up with these two,' thought Sesshomaru as he was being annoyed by the banter.
"Anyways," Ryona said amidst the commotion. "Let's get ready."
InuYasha and Shukaku stopped teasing with each other and stood on the warp pads with the others. Within a matter of seconds, all six of them vanished from the room.

Within that same time, the six have appeared on the surface of the planet within the metropolis. They landed in an ally, littered with a few rats and some trash. The place was quiet, as the night sky was clear and open above them.
"Wow," said Shukaku.
"This is quite a place," said Diana. "I have never been to such a large city before, not since France."
"What are you kidding? I'm talking about our new duds!" Shukaku exclaimed as he pointed out his new appearance: a black leather jacket with three, silver plates on each shoulder, black jeans, a white shirt, black, laced-up boots that went to the knee, and a black belt with two chains. The belt had several small boxes around it, and the chains also had several small boxes on each of them. They looked like deck boxes, but were actually small containers acting in place of his sand gourd; each box was holding more than a liter of sand. Despite the appearance, the rest of them gave blank stares at Shukaku for changing the subject on Diana. "Sorry," he nervously giggled, flushed with embarrassment.
"Speak for yourself," InuYasha said. "I look like some punk!" He points out his appearance: a red tank top, long jeans with a hole in the knee, worn sneakers, and a leather belt, which held his sword, Tetsusaiga. He still wore his Beads of Subjugation and still had his long hair, dog-ears, yellow eyes and claws.
Sesshomaru and Kyūbi kept quiet about their new appearances. Sesshomaru looked like a semi-formal member of the Mafia; he had polished black shoes, black leather gloves, and a black vest over a white dress shirt, left unbuttoned on the top and the sleeves left rolled above the elbow. He also bore a black leather belt, which held his sword, Bakusaiga, and a black had with a white stream around its base and the brim bending down to cover his right eye. Kyūbi had a white, vest-like jacket with red trim on the edges and sleeves that stopped just below the elbow. It was unzipped a little at the top to show a little of the white tank top underneath. He also wore black slacks and black boots that went knee-high and were buckled at the knee, and two belts across his abdomen, with the bottom holding onto his whip.
"Save the teasing for later, you two," said Diana. "We're here to look around."
"Like Diana said," added Ryona. "Enough about our new clothes; we have work to do."
The six went down the alley, going east, and found a large body of water in front of them, with a wide river separating them from a line of warehouses and piers on their left.
"I wonder if this is an ocean," asked Shukaku. "This part is lined with so many docks and storage warehouses."
"It might be," said Ryona. "It reminds me of Tendoshi, only this place is bustling with much more business."
The quiet sound by the waterside was broken by the sound of sirens blaring in the distance, and the sound of gunshots.
"Those shots appear to be coming from one of the warehouses," said Sesshomaru as he looked at his left.
"Those sirens are getting closer to," added InuYasha.
"We better check it out," said Ryona. "We don't know for sure if the local authorities are dealing with the Dark Armies or not."
With that thought in mind, the six Guardians charged across the river. Ryona flew across with Diana on his back, Sesshomaru carried InuYasha across on a thin mist, and Kyūbi and Shukaku ran across the surface of the water. After crossing, they jumped to the top of the first warehouse and ran across the tops, keeping an eye out for trouble.
"It's all coming from the warehouse up ahead," said Kyūbi.
"Okay then," said Ryona as he summoned his blade. "Everyone, prepare for a possible worst-case scenario."
Everyone drew out their weapons as they landed on the roof of the warehouse next to where all the action was. Police cars were all crowded around the front of the warehouse in a shoot-out with several petty crooks hiding inside.
"This is one nasty shoot-out," said Shukaku, noticing that some of the cop cars had already sustained heavy damage.
"Although this isn't much of our own business, we should help them out," said Ryona.
"There are some escaping from the back of the warehouse," said InuYasha as some were running out the back.
Diana jumped from the roof and was in front of the crooks. They stopped, a little angry but also confused.
"What do we have here," one of them exclaimed mockingly. "Don't you have somewhere to be, little girl?"
"'Little?' I happen to be sixteen, you jerk," Diana snapped. "And I do have a place to be: here!" She brandishes her sword, Shoreijinken.
"Hasn't anyone told you to never bring a knife to a gunfight," mocked another with a laugh.
"Hasn't anyone told you to not turn your backs to your enemies," Diana snapped back.
Before they knew it, the other Guardian's ambushed the group and knocked them out.
"Pathetic," said Sesshomaru. "Armed with stronger weapons than the sword and still they are no challenge."
"They're still just humans after all," said InuYasha.
"Look over there!" Diana exclaimed, pointing at one of the piers going away from the warehouse. One of the crooks was running away towards the end of the pier. "He must have took a different way out of the warehouse!"
"Well, you know what they say, 'There's always one,'" remarked Shukaku. "Let's wrap this up!"
"Wait a minute!" said InuYasha. "What the hell is that dog doing?!"
They looked again and a grey husky-like dog with long hair ran in front of the crook, ready to attack him.
"I hope that K9 Unit Dog knows what it's doing," said Shukaku. "Someone mind telling me why that dog has long head hair?"
"Is that really the point now," asked InuYasha, annoyed.
"Hey, does it hurt to –" Shukaku's words were interrupted by a loud gunshot and a painful howl. Shooting their looks back at the pier, the crook shot the dog and took off further down the pier. "What the?! That bastard shot the dog!"
"Looks like he was just grazed on the shoulder," said Sesshomaru. "Diana, that should be easy for you to heal, correct?"
"Yes," said Diana. "I'm sure the dog's owner would thank us and find us allies in this."
"That's a good idea, Dee," said Shukaku. "Just one thing."
"What is it?"
"The dog is moving on his own on two legs!!" They looked and saw the dog back up on its legs and pursuing the crook on his hind legs like a human. "Am I seeing what I'm seeing?!"
"Apparently yes! The dog is walking on its own!"
"Ryona," said Sesshomaru. "Is it possible that that dog is a Martyr Ōkami in disguise?"
"Most likely," said Ryona. "We better follow closely." The Guardians follow while keeping their distance from the action. 'I only hope that Ryoxan doesn't have his minions around,' thought Ryona. 'Otherwise, that dog is in terrible danger.'
They were able to catch up to the dog, but find a dangerous scene developing. The crook was face-down in the water, dead. Ahead of them, the wounded dog was about to fight against a mysterious woman. Her body was very strange; it was as if her very own body was made of elastic.
"What the hell kind of Dark Soul is that!?" Shukaku exclaimed.
"That's not a Dark Soul," said Ryona. "Matter of fact, that woman holds no dark affiliation with the Dark Knights or the Dark Armies. She has her own malicious intent."
The Guardians look again, and the woman wrapped her arms around the dog, tightening her grip.
"You fool!" She said maliciously. "Think you their brother? All they have for things such as we is hatred and fear! Pity…you might have been an amusing toy, but I see I have to deal with you in a simpler way!" She then picked up the dog, and with a snap, sent him flying towards the dock.
'There's no way that dog will survive the impact!' Shukaku thought in his head the moment the dog was whipped, and sent sand to catch the dog.
"What!?" The woman turned around to face the Guardians.
"You honestly believe you can convince a strong heart to believe such a heartless belief," snapped Ryona. "It's not always that way with every human; there are some that can look past the fact that you're a monster and see your character. Just seeing your heart right now as it is just proves that you're truly a monster behind that beauty!"
"What do you know," she said. "How can you even care for someone who does not understand?"
"True. We may not know about his story because we are new here, but we can see already that he is strong."
"I've had enough of this useless banter; die you slime!"
"Spellbinding Circle!!"
In a heartbeat, the elastic woman's motions were frozen solid.
"Wha?! What is this!?" She said, shocked. "My body is completely frozen!"
"That's the power of the Spellbinding Circle," said Ryona. "The Circle's power has completely paralyzed your movement."
"I swear to god, I will thrash you more painfully than that pathetic dog!!"
"Speak for yourself," snapped Diana. "How dare you try to dash one's hopes before trying to kill him!"
"Me, trying to dash hopes? I'm just merely telling the truth. It isn't my fault that his blind eyes could not see it. Because of that, I gave him a swift death!"
"You heartless little—!" growled Shukaku.
"Damn," said Ryona. "She's starting to break from the circle!"
"Then I guess it's time I end this," exclaimed InuYasha as he jumped into the air. "A life for a life! Iron Reaver Soul Stealer!!!" InuYasha lunged at the woman and slashed through her with his attack. The woman let out a painful scream before the flash of InuYasha's claws ripped her elastic body to pieces. "Better hope God shows mercy on your soul; it may be a better fate than being among the Dark Armies."
Diana then rushed to the young K9 Unit and checked to feel if he was alright.
"Oh thank God," she said in relief. "Shukaku, you were quick with that sand; he's just been knocked out." She began to heal him with the Shoreijinken.
"Well, I'm glad I was able to act in time," said Shukaku. "How bad is the damage?"
"It's just blunt trauma; nothing very serious. It's an easy fix."
"Good," Ryona sighed.
"We better make ourselves scarce," said Sesshomaru. "The authorities are heading this way."
"What timing," said Diana. "He's good as new."
"Excellent work, Diana," said Ryona. "Let's move out!"
The Guardians left the scene and hid behind some large cargo crates, looking at the dog as he laid sleeping. The sky began to get lighter as the sun rose on the horizon. They overheard as one man, assumingly the Chief of the unit, talking with one of the officers, Norm Prescott.
"Norm, it's your dog," the Chief said. "Miraculously he's not injured, but he appears to be unconscious. He's on the pier right now. Apparently he went after the perp, but it looks like he was long dead before your dog made it to him. There's also what appears to be remains of an elastic model of a woman, but we're leaving that to the forensics team. Now go to him; he  needs you."
"'Norm,'" said Kyūbi. "I assume that probably short for 'Norman'."
"Most likely," said Diana. "I just hope Lewis will awaken alright."
"'Lewis,'" asked Shukaku. "Who's Lewis?"
"The K9 Unit. I caught a glimpse of his name while I was healing him. His owner is Norman Prescott, apparently that cop going out on the pier."
The Guardians watched Norm as he went out to Lewis, got on his knees and gently petted him.
"Such a tender moment," said Ryona. "It reminds me of my times with Phoenix."
"Yeah; it reminds me of that too, Ryona," Diana added.
Ryona watched Norm and Lewis, remembering his own memories of when Phoenix was in trouble, and Ryona risked it all to help save his life.
"I think it's best to let them alone now," he finally said. "Time to search more of this world and ban whatever dark influences Ryoxan has planted here already."
Ryona turned his back and was about to walk away when a gasp caught his attention.
"Ryona! Look!" Shukaku exclaimed, pointing at the dock.
Ryona turned around and was shocked at what was happening. A mist had begun to emanate from Lewis's body and the young dog began to turn into a human.
"Lewis," Ryona said through his shock. "He's not a dog or a Martyr Soul. He's a Werewolf!"
Lewis regained his consciousness and sat up, completely shy when he saw that he was right in front of his owner.
"Uh," he said. "Hi, Norm."
'So,' Ryona thought. 'This place…this world…is a world of the supernatural creatures of lore living among the human race. It looks like this mission into this world has only begun to unravel the opening chapter.'
The Guardians watched from their hiding place, still in shock and awe, as the sun rose on the cop and the Werewolf. What they thought was going to be a search and rescue of a Martyr Soul had developed into a mission that had become larger than what they can imagine.
Part I to my fanfic to :iconloopywolf:'s "WereIWolf" comic on Wolfwares, which will be a part of Battle of Fantasies IV: Rise of the Martyr.
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